Dear Britt; this week I've been

Hello there kitty cats,

this blogpost is written after Britt came with a brilliant idea and it's sort of becomming a thing on this blog.. both of our blogs.. Each week you'll read a letter from me to Britt.. Things are getting really intens and hectic, so we need another way to stay in touch!

Dear Britt,

After a whole week without blogging, my letter to you is the first thing I post in September.
Welcome september, I hope you're enjoying yourself so far!
I am happy to hear you have completely dedicated yourself to this third year, I am really proud of you! Yoga with Adrienne is awesome right?!
So I have officially started at the theatreschool of Amsterdam, not the actual classes, those start next week. But right now we're working with Adelheid Roosen, an amazing actress. director and much more.. She's such an inspirational woman and I can't believe we get to work with her in the first two weeks of our first year. She just let's us dive right into it.. We are eating, breathing and sleeping theatre. I am sort of drowning.. In a good way
I have already seen so many different plays. We went to the museum, made performances in a park and had so many dinners together as a class, that it's all kind of overwhelming.
I really love my old class, but for some reason, the way these new classmates act towards eachother, towards me.. gives me goosebumps.

Inbetween all these amazing and hectic things, I was supposed to write my August favourites post.. But I just didn't feel like writing it all down. I spend half of August in Atlanta with my family and the other half in Amsterdam, getting to know my new class and school and the city I will spend the next 4 years in..  So I guess that basically sums up my august favourites.

Britt you should really come to Amsterdam soon, as in when I've moved here (not that you're not welcome right now.. But I'm sort of homeless now) 
I've seen so many pinterest and blog-worthy places.. But I didn't have my camera with me.. Which reminds me; I really need to go to the postoffice to get it fixed!!.. When my camera is fixed we should go eat burgers at Ellis, cycle along the canals, have a picnic in the Vondelpark and pay a visit to the museum.. And vlog and photograph it all of course!

I miss you..

Kisses on your elbows,


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