Dear Britt, this week I've been #3

Dear Britt,

First of all, I am so, so soooo happy you've not only survived this week, but were also able to deliver auditions you're proud off! *standing ovation with confetti and glitters and fireworks*
I hope you'll find time to relax, sort of.. 'Cause you're still working on becoming an musicalartist you know.. And that we'll finaly be able so see eachother under different circumstances then a surpriseparty or a musical sing along.

I have had the most awkward week ever.. I have finally started with my regular lessons.. And they are insane.. insanly fun and interesting and inspiring and just all over lovely.
My teachers are just more people I can add to the list of inspiring people I got to work with/ been taught by. And my classmates are just so much fun to work with in a setting like this. (Will I ever stop drooling over this school and it's people?! Probably not.)
But besides everything being lovely, things got pretty awkward this week..
After insulting one of my teachers, who happened to be the translater of one of my all time favourite musicals.. Like what are the chances?
I also made a huge faceplant in front of my entire class.. Before our danceclass started..
How? You're asking? By trying to be cool and jump.. whilst wearing socks on a slippery, wooden floor.. I ended up face down (as a faceplant would suggest), with worried classmates rushing to help me get up and comfort me (how adorable are these munchkins?!) and an awkward ramble about "how I did not plan for this to happen".
Yes!! I was totally winning at life this week.
I didn't want to feel the pain at that moment, because I was to embarrased.. But at the end of the day I went home with a bruised thumb, a painfull knee with a bump and a bruise and a big bump on my elbow.. How lovely!

Oh I also had another party! It was amazing, with a great band and a lovely little sleepover with one of my classmates and her amazing cat!!

Besides all of this I am also trying to get my social workers degree early.. So I am kind of pooping my pants with all this juggling (read: trying to learn about disabled people, whilst reading a monologue about Shakespeare).
But I have washed my make up brushes, braided my hair again and am about to paint my nails, iron my shirt and pack my bag for tomorrow.. I think we kind of switched the amount of stress we had...

I can't wait untill we have coffee and macarons again!

Kisses on your elbows,


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