'Would you like my phonenumber with that latte?'

Hello there kitty cats,

I am a dork, a complete weirdo, not someone who is charming enough to gracefully hand out phonenumbers.

But I do see sooo many  gorgeous,charming men/boys who I would like to give my phonenumber to...
I work at the Julia's, which is a pasta/coffee/ciabatta company. And since it is close to Central station we have a lot of English customers.
Most of them are men. Verry atractive, bearded, tall, dark- and- handsome, just-look-at-my-dark-hair-and-lightblue or green-eyes, let -me- show- you- how- muscular- I- am-without showing- of- 'cause- that's- just -the- way- my- body- is- kind of men.

I cannot handle that. Especially not when I am trying to firgure out how the coffeemachine works, since it's my first shift by myself. And you want to order three!! different kinds of coffee.
I get lost, in your smile, which is more of a cheeky grinn. And then you aks me for a little bit of milk in the regular coffee. I have to retake your whole order, 'cause I pushed the big coffee button on the cashregister.
(and the damn thing cannot correct itself)
You sit down at a table because I told you it might take a while," I'm the new girl and I have not figured out this whole coffee thing yet".
You smile at my clumpsy-but-charming girly act. I have a chance to get my act together and make your coffee.
You come back, to ask for the Wifi password. I have to wright it down for you.
Should I also wright down my phonenumber? Oh my lord, I hasitate.
I won't do it, what if you have a girlfriend? What if you don't? I cannot just give you my phonenumber!
So I give you the password, just the password.. And your coffee's.

Goodbye, I hope to see you soon. And then I'll have my gameface on and play the clumpsy, new girl act a lot longer. Untill we have an actual conversation. And when you order your coffee, I'll just say:

'Would you like my phonenumber with that latte?'

I'm going to try, I promise!
And I'll repport back to you with the great results, or the glorious fails...

Kisses on your elbows.


entral station, we also get a lot of English costumers.

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