May favourites

Hello there kittycats,
Welcome to a blogpost with (as promised) Rainbows and sunshine, littarely a lot of sunshine..
'Cause it's time for my favourites of the month of May!!
Shut the front door.. June starts tomorrow.. what happened, where's the time?
I was lost most of May, I basicly lived without time or knowledge of what day it was.
And it was awesome! I feel like may was my miniature vacation of this year, without feeling like you've missed out on life..

So here are some of my favourite moments/things from May!

made with studio

1. Jamesessions with friends, times two!! 2. starting our last finalpresentation ever! well at this school, with these teachers, as a part of this class. 3. getting FREE food from people you didn't even think liked you that much.. 4. going to the beach and get my tan on (missy elliot voice) 5. listening to Hozier  6. finally getting an Itunes card thanks to mommy dearest! 7. My boss telling me I'm doing excellent at my new job! 8. secret birthdaycard writing with a lot of red heart stickers! 9. giving my lovely friend some chocolate, pink ribbons included. 10. going out for dinner A LOT! 11. free wine 12. signing up for the auditions of a theatreschool in BELGIUM!! 13. wearing red lipstick 14. buying my favourite perfume again. 15. getting a mermaid/pearly -like necklace, it's so pretty. 16. seeing my lovely co-blogger and friendsy Britt. 17. getting serious about blogging (mentally) 18. reaching 45 followers on bloglovin (click the big button on the right that says 'follow me on bloglovin' to stay updated) 19. finally getting myself the Barry M rosehip nailpolish and some other cheeky litlle Asos orders..  20. finally watching New girl on Netflix, I'm hooked, AGAIN! 21. planning roadtrips 22. early morning bike rides to work.. (6:15 AM!!! but it was worth it!) 23. a new coral coloured top with crochet details. *sigh* 24. discovering some really pretty, really healthy and delicious crackers at Ikea 25. all the days filed with sunlight, ther were A LOT!  26. getting free gympasses 27. being content.. with everything in life and what is about to come
I think I'm Jess.. sometimes.
finally wearing red lipstick again
the mermaid-like necklace
early morning bike rides
being HNTM with friendsy Britt
sunny days at the beach, with my bike, a friend and no jacket or scarf.

This month was filled with a lot of finally's.. May was a good month! How was yours?

Let's get this party started June!

Kisses on your elbows and sunkissed forheads


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