April is for the fools

Hello there kitty cats,

And HELLOOO April *Joey voice* How you doin'?

Welcome to April lovers!! A new month, a new job, new clothes to buy, new blogs to read, new youtube video's to watch and a new blog post to write myself.
What a relieve, time has gone back one hour, but the sun also decided to stay out and play with us a little longer.

I am so excited for this month, for spring in general (as I have been mentioning over the past three blogposts, Entschuldigung about that) There are so many things I have to do, need to do and want to do this month!!

And chaotic times ask for TO DO LISTS!

What to do: 1. cook more often and try out new recipes, 2. send cards to dear friends and family, 3. wear more dresses or skirts. and stay away from black. 4. write more blogposts, 5. finally buy a I tunes card, 6. graduate!!!! 7. work out more, 8. buy more flowers, 9. take more pictures, 10. bake more cookies and scones and macarons and cupcakes and pie and everything that will make your teeth fall out of your mouth. *evil laugh* 11. smile more at strangers, 12. give longer and tighter hugs (when needed or wanted), 13. discover more music, 14. eat cleaner 15.write that crazy stalker kind of e-mail to the blogger(s) I adore so much! Because you shouldn't keep love and positivity to yourself (you got that?!) 16. try out new make up 17. have more drinks/ chit chats with dear friends. 18. learn how to speak portuguese 19. go to an animal shelter just to look at cats, or just go to a pet store so it's less sadistic... 20. play outside a little more!

Okay this to do list has escalated into a what -to -do -more -in -life -list.
Well you know what they say (WHO says what??!)

Go BIG or go home!

Kisses on your elbows,


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