April favourites

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Hello there kitty cats,

And I'm so SO sorry I've been MIA.. (Missing In Action, not Murderers In Action.. I promise! I googled it first!)
But I'm kind of in that 'wanting -to- seize- the- day- and -living- life- to- the- fullest-, but- being- so- tired- that- I- allow- myself- to- sleep- in- and- not- do- anything- at- all -phase'.
Oh the dilemma's I have to deal with in this life..

So I've been really busy with school, my solo performance/ final exam, auditions, a new job, being a fabulous dork, discovering new blogs and eating a lot of chocolate.
And because I am completely out of the whole blog writing flow, and since tomorrow is the last day of this month, I thought it would be nice to share my favorite moments of April with you.

I forgot where I got this picture from, but it's either nenz.net, sugarandcloth.com or paperandstitch.com!

1.Having a productive day (or two) 2. getting a new job, the last day of your old one. 3. nice lunches with your best friend, at caf├ęs you forgot about.  4. doctor Hart 5. listening to Denai Moore 6. Sweet little cards from your best friend, just to tell you that you deserve every good thing that is happening to you *sobbing quietly* 7. getting icecream after begging your little sister for AGES 8. baby's 9. baby animals 10. A new blush 11. trying out new recipes 12. Flying tiger 13. fresh flowers 14. orange juice 15. dressing up as a black panther and nailing it (.. sort of) 16. new magazines 17.Bourjois magic nail polish remover 18. Make up studio. 19. family dinners 20. sunshine 21. long conversations and putting on make-up while driving (not me, my friend was driving) 22. encouraging talks with nasty wine 23. an amazing soloperformance with all my loved onces in the audience 24. FINALLY ordering the ankle boots I had been dreaming about for months. 25. cosmopolitans on tuesday... okay that only happened tonight, but still.

The best shop for a little wondering around with a tiny bit of money in your wallet

pinterest pasta attempt with brocoli, bacon and grapes.

And because I am still in the joie de vivre but sleep all day phase this will be my amazing look for this week!

I hope you also enjoyed april as much as I did!

Kisses on your elbows,


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