weekend sickness

Hello there kitty cats,

The kind of week that went by in a splitsecond and I can only remember little moments of each day.
I wanted to write something (hopefully) funny. But it's just not that kind of week/weekend.
So instead of doing that, this post is going to be about serendipity.
My serendipity that I have had over the past four years and re found again this week.

Just when you think that the puzzle is complete. There won't be happening anything, you won't meet anyone that will change your life. It is all settled. Everything that's going to happen in the future will be with these people, in this situation. (the good kind)

And then, without an anouncement, and invitation, confetti bombs, a carnaval or a helicopter that writes it in the sky with smoke/clouds.. There it is.
the puzzle piece you didn't know was missing. All of a sudden this same piece doubles, tripples and basicly takes over half of the allready placed pieces. You didn't think you misplaced any of those pieces, but seeing it now.. This makes more sense then anything else in the world.
I am talking about serendipity, in people, people that make situations and life in general so much better without feeling like a fool for not wanting it before. They're just in the right place, at the right time and stayed there.. hopefully for a very long time.

Meet my serendipity.
the munchkins

There's not much more I can say that can explain how much I love these beautifull human beings. My bubblegumballs of joy..  But I guess everyone can relate. I have had a lot of serendipity cases in my life, but this perticular one really tops them all. And I don't say it enough..

That was my very short emotional vomit of the week. Hope you didn't throw up on yourself after reading this.. or started crying.. I don't think anyone would cry after reading this..

Kisses on your elbows,


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