Pampers, without baby's

Hello there Kittycats,
I am so sorry I have neglected my blog these past two weeks!
But I am back, with a post about pampers, without the baby's and the bums that you put in those pampers.
( What the heck is she talking about.?!)
I am talking about a good old pamper day/night. Pampering yourself (or me) with some amazing, relaxing, good smelling, expensive and/or cheap products from all over the world!

Since it is the last day of my little week of vacation and also my first sunday off in a long time.
I thought I could do a post about my pamper routine, what I do on a day like this, how I do it and which products I use!

 One of the things I ALWAYS do on days like this is scrub my body, arms, legs the whole shebang.

I love this bodyscrub by Soap & Glory. It's called Sugar crush and it has an amazing lime and sugary scent. When I apply this I really have to restrain myself from not licking my fingers! It smells sooo good!! It's fresh and thick and does not dry out my skin. And because of the almond oil, it also feels kind of nourishing and moisturising. If you like sweet and fresh in a bodyscrub, I deffinetly recommend this one. (You can buy this product in Boots and Superdrug, if you're from the UK. If you're from the Netherlands, like me, they also sell this at Douglas.)

STEP 2: Body moisturising

After turning our shower into a sauna, I moisturise my body with Nivea bodymilk, it is very soft and thick, but not the sticky kind. When you feel like you can not put any clothes on rigt after. Like with vaseline. (yuck) I have been using this ever since I was little and I still have not found a product that does the same for my skin. It may not be the most glamorous packaging or the most floral scent. But it gets the job done.

STEP 3:Cleansing
When I am done with my body, I return to the bathroom and cleanse my face. I use a cleansing foam by ICI Paris XL. It makes my skin feel so clean and does not dry out my skin at all. I really like this product.
It is a foam and when you apply it to your (damp) face it gets a slightly creamy texture.
Right now I have the small/sample bottle, but I will buy the bigger one somewhere next week.

STEP 4: Facial scrub

Then I scrub my face.Sometimes I do this while showering. But when I feel like it I'll just split my body and face routine. This fresh smelling facial scrub by Neutrogena is by far my favorite facial scrub ever! I accidently bought the oil-free acne wash, which is kind of to oil absorbing for my skintype (since I don't have acne), but it's still a great product. It is sort of clear, but with a pink touch to it. But when you apply it to your (damp) face it turns into white cream/foam. And because of the pink grapefruit scent it feels so fresh and nice on your skin. It does leave my skin feeling a little dry but it also helps clearing breakouts, blackheads and other blemishes. And because of that I'll deal with the dryness.

STEP 5: Tone

Then it's time to tone my skin, toning means you refresh your face after all the cleansing. this product basicly prepares your skin before you use your moisturiser. It is not a cleanser, though it feels like that sometimes. It removes dead skincells. It also removes the acces cleansing product of your face. this is my last step in my facial cleansing routine.

STEP 6: eye moisturising

And then I start with the moisterizing of my face and eyes.
I KNOW!! The package of this product says: anti wrinkle eye contour creme. I am only 20 years old so NO I do not have wrinkles yet. But I bought it because it helps reducing the puffiness of the eyes in the morning. And it also reduces the dark circles under your eyes. Two problems that I have, so that's why I bought it.
It is verry creamy and light under the eyes. I really like it, both at night and in the moring.
If you feel like the sensitive skin around your eyes feels kind of dry I would deffinetly consider a product like this.

STEP 7: facial moisturising

I LOVE this moisturiser by Neutrogena, as you can tell I love their pink grapefruit line.
The smell is amazing and the moisturiser, just like the scrub, helps clearing breakouts and other blemishes. It really is a miracle worker. I usually apply this at night, a little bit extra on my blemishes so it can really sink in while I'm asleep. But when I have a day like this, no plans and no make up. I also use it. Same fresh scent, amazing on the skin. The only "bad" thing about it is the small packaging and the fact that you can't buy this in the Netherlands. (at least I have not found a shop that sells it yet).

STEP 8: Lips
And of course the lips. Mother nature is having a dilemma, she sends a spring sun and a winter wind. That leaves a lot of us with cold hands because we left our gloves at home, because of the sun. And at the same time a warm face. But also chapped and dry lips. you do not want those.. So scrub them. I use my bubblegum lipscrub from Lush. It is really sweet. Made out of sugar and other organic ingredïents. And the best thing about this scrub is: you can actually eat it. After you've scrubbed your lips you can lick your lips and they are clean and nourished.

I then apply a lipbalm and I am done.

(STEP 8: extra pampering time) 

When I do go out or stay in but don't feel like putting on a mask right away. At night I'll cleanse my skin and apply this (or a different one) mask on my face. 15 minutes of relaxation before I go to bed.

So there you go, my pamper day without baby's.
I hope you liked this pampering routine/product review kinda post!

Kisses on your elbows,


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