Little bites of happiness


Hello there kitty cats,

Wintery winds, springish suns and pastel nail polishes combined with my winter coat. I am totally lost.
But it is the kind of lost I can't get enough of. To excited for spring, to even be bothered by the cold some days. And with spring being the little tease he is, he gets me really excited for the summer as well.
So here it is, my happy list. I have been catching a lot of confetti (combined with some sunlight) lately.

1.Random coffee dates with friends I see everyday.  2.sending a good friend a huge bouquet to give her some love and support. 3. listening to Mike Dignam. 4. discovering new blogs. 5. long hugs with my mom. 6. pastel nail polishes. 7. taking my sunglasses with me, knowing I can actually wear them. 8. girly weekends with cake, rosé and lots of talking, about EVERYTHING. 9. good hair days. 10. The kid president. 11. cats. 12. weird dances with my little sister. 13. smoothies. 14. new notebooks. 15. visiting the new Marks and Spencer and falling in love with the grocery/food court. 16. wearing dresses (combined with the right amount of knitwear to keep me warm) 17. wearing high heels after living in my Vans for several weeks. 18. rediscovering lipsticks in my make-up stash. 19. going for a walk to get a magazine, just to catch some sun 20. nutella.

So yes, these are 20 things i've loved/ have done over the past two weeks.

Kisses on you elbows,


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