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Hello there Kittycats,

I have had the privilege to live the life of an artist for the past two weeks. ( a singing gig here, a dance performance there, playing seven shows and giving workshops, sushi dinner and a shopping trip to end the week) yes I am blessed!
But after a verry long week, I was really happy to wake up this morning and just crawl behind my laptop and watch youtube video's of my favourite bloggers.

youtube video: Tanya Burr; products I regret buying

Have you ever talked and/or heard so much about a movie or book that you allmost feld obligated to read/watch it?
Yesterday I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time in my life! A classic with Audrey Hepburn and some other actors that before yesterday I never heard of.
It is the first movie I have heard and seen so much about, but have never actually watched.
Audey Hepburn is sooo pretty but her character Holly is so weird! She is this odd, kind of crazy and wild girl. Who doesn't know how to love or to be loved. She throws big party's with lots and lots of alcohol and she makes every (rich) man fall in love with her.
I guess the story is really nice but I still don't know how I feel about the movie, have you seen it?
Maybe someone can define my feelings by telling me their thoughts about it, so I can tell if that's how I feel.

the famous sleepingmask, I really want this!

Do you have any tips for old time favorites that I MUST see this month?

Kisses on your elbow


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