Romy Jones Diary

the most romantic scene of Bridget Jones Diary

Hello there Kittycats,

Imagine this: Me waking up with something like Springish by Gillicuddy in the background. Getting ready, having breakfast. Then getting dressed while the music changes to Paper doll by John Mayer. I leave for school and the moment I open the door the music stops. It is really sunny but I still have to wear a scarf and gloves. And Sunshine by Avery Sunshine starts. Cycling through The Hague , entering my school building, talking to my friends and then dance classes; they start a mixtape which starts with Push up by Freestylers, followed by some crazy other songs that make you want to dance.
Going home, exhausted!! While Glory days by Karima Francis plays in the background. I fall of my bike and a handsome Jessie Williams look-a-like guy helps me to get up and everything starts moving in slowmotion. While Vision of love by Mariah Carey starts. He happens to be single and actracted to me, my clumsiness made his heart beat faster and he asks me on a coffee date! On our way to the coffee company ('cause two of my friends work there) you hear PDA by John Legend.. We won't do anything sexy, it's just a nice song!
He brings me home and when we arrive at my front door you hear Like a star by Corinne Bailey Rae.
We kiss, he walks away and I go inside. I do my night routine, having dinner, taking a shower and getting ready for bed on that same song. And then I fall a sleep while Like a star fades out.
One of the many perfect days of my life, if my life was a romantic comedy.

....But it's not!

'Cause if  I want to have a day like this I would not only have to hire an actor who looks like Jessie Williams,  to pretend that he is atracted to me and my clumsiness. But I would also have to force and pay someone to play all these songs( in the right order). And I would need the weather to be perfect and have my own make-up artist to make sure I look flawless all the time. And I would need to be SO freakin' amazing that I could pull this off.
Unfortunately me getting ready, looks like a random girl getting ready. Nothing special, no confetti or nice music. Just an every day routine every girl in the world has.

But Imagine if I could.. What a lovely thought.

Kisses on your elbows


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