January favourites

Hello there kitty cats,

I've been a bit MIA haven't I?!
Well life happened and I sort of drowned in my schoolwork and there just weren't enough hours in the day, days in the week, to write blogposts. But I am back! And since it is the 31st of January (seriously what happened to the never ending January days?! I'm not complaining though) I am going to share my favourite moments, smells, people, products and places with you.

You know the drill, I write a list, there are photo's involved. Ladies and Gents; my january favourites:
they're so tiny!!
1. Noels birthdayparty, there was a popcornmachine *hearteyes* 2. funny photo's Meryl send me of her cat Kris 3. Making mini apple crumbles 4. Finally meeting Zahide and Meryl for sushi, wine and all the giggles 5. Going bowling with my lovely colleagues

I love these humans!
6. socks with fastfood print 7. The open day, I felt like Adele and Justin Bieber in one, shaped like a school 8. baking pancakes 9. My chummy's birthday! And the lovely birthdaydinner and party 10. Seeing 'Een soort Hades', hands down one of the most amazing, touching, goosebumps-on-my-goosebumps-giving- shows I've seen so far

glorious pancake stack!

11. my rediciously big, but lilac and berry coloured floral wallet 12.All the wine, dancing and present giving with my lovely classmates 13. Random sushi dates 14. Berry flavoured beer 15. Late night burgers
I really love him.. I just can't keep a straight face on our photo's..

16. Lemon, ginger and honey tea 17. a day spend with the babysister 18. cuddles with my best friends 19. Can't help loving that man - Showboat (that's my jam right there) 20. Jamie Cullum
22. Amsterdam

That's all pumpkins! I hope you've had a lovely month and let's move on to february.

Kisses on your elbows,


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