Dear Britt #17 All the love

Dear Britt,

You have written me 2 or 3 letters already and here I am.. Late as always. Sorry babe! It's not personal, you know that right?!

But here it is, my very first letter to you in 2016. (This letter is my answer to this letter of yours) I am still trying to get used to saying and writing 2016. I know, I am one of those lame people who still writes 2013 when not focused.
A lot has happened since my last letter to you. I passed my final exam and  I am now officially a social worker (still waiting for my diploma though) and a student at the theatreschool.. What a combo..
This letter is long overdue.. I just dived right back into all my classes and sort of drowned.. In a good way. I love being back at school and working with my teachers and classmates again.

But back to us.. We didn't see eachother as much as we would've liked/ planned during the holidays. But the days we were together were lovely as always.
It is so weird to think back at the time we were just freshmans in high school, dreaming of becoming an artist/actrice. And here we are. I couldn't even dream this big back then. But I do believe that we only made it this far because we continued to work hard and because we stayed focused.
But how weird and awesome is it that during these years (9 exactly) we've always had eachother. Not at the same level and same intensity as now. But we've grown together, as a person, as an artist and with that also as friends. Our friendship is something I sometimes assume was there since day one. I guess it kind of was. Well there was a click. And we developed that into a semi- healthy-bloglovin'-always-eating-and-coffee-drinking-voicememo'ing-ugly-christmasjumper-buying-and-wearing- double-chin-laughter- kind of relationship.

I don't want to repeat your letter, so I won't. Maybe I would not have picked us, but maybe, just maybe anyone else who would've seen us back then would have/did. Or at least hoped for it just like we did. And maybe they even pictured us where we are today. Just maybe.

I love you a lot, really.

Kisses on your elbows,


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