The right amount of wobbly bits

WARNING! this post might give you a new perspective

Well hello there bumblebees! Ooh that sounds so summery!

Wow.. We're already near the end of
july I think things are moving to fast!
I'ts not you it's me, I'm not ready for the summerheat yet, clothing/shoes/accessory-wise.
Today I wanted to talk to you about my summer essentials..
Things you should/could/want to do during the summer(heat).
I had a whole list with pictures of me parading in clothes and bottles of nice summery cleansers and nailpolishes.

But friday was the first day of summmerheat I could enjoy (due to work the days before)
I had my little sandals on and I was wearing SHORTS and a floaty cami-top..
You'll probably think: So what? It was hot outside so yes, a normal person would wear shorts.
But not me... I've never EVER worn shorts while in the Netherlands. I just felt way to insecure to wear them. I've got thick thighs and wobbly knees and, it just wasn't a nice view.

And that has not changed.. I still  have thick thighs and wobbly knees and cellulite and the whole shabang.
Like a lot of other women on this planet.

I'm verry selfconsious, I used to look at other girls (skinnier and in my eyes immediatly prettier) and think: I wish I could pull that outfit off. Or; I wish I had her leggs. I was never completely happy with the way I looked. I was always the chubby or fat, sweet girl, with a pretty face (I guess) but never the créme de la créme.
In highschool I had really pretty friends and they were,(in my eyes) the standard of what a pretty girl should be and look like. (And we have a lot of curvy and plussize woman in my family, so I knew that skinny didn't mean pretty.)
But I never thought I could pull the whole curvylicious thing off.
So I stood there, somewhere in the middle of feeling fat and feeling okay..
Never drop dead gorgeous, 'cause there were always enough boys or girls that looked better and everyone knew they were the pretty people.
So that was in highschool and most of college. 'Cause also in college I had and still have, gorgeous friends..

Over the years I started to look around and realised there were so many girls out there, around me, who were my size or even bigger. With thick thighs, big boobs and a waist to die for.. that looked smokin' hot! They wore whatever they wanted. When summer started, they'd wear shorts, they wore dresses and tights and got their arms out.. yes I was even more insecure about my arms..And all I could think was: If they have the balls to wear that, why can't I?

So it took me four years to grow some balls and pull my shorts out my closet and wear them. With PRIDE!!
And as I looked around and checked myself in every single window, just to make sure it was okay that I (with the wobbly knees and the thick thighs) was wearing a short in public.(Not on vacation, but in the Netherlands in the shopping area where I could walk into everyone I know) Was looking good, decent, okay maybe.

I realised  it was okay.. It was great.

I felt confident and acted like it was completely normal that a girl with my leggs or size or whatever, wore shorts in this heat.
Because it is normal. I can wear this, and I can wear a pencil skirt and look sexy!
Curvy and sexy with the right amount of wobbly bits.

pfieuw.. there you have it, a new "label" and I'm proud to have it!

maybe an even better label.
Kisses on your elbows and wobbly knees,


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