June favourites

Hello there kittycats,

I hope you're all doing well!
So I heard June was here.. I hope he'll stay a bit longer next time!
This month has not been the one with many blogpost, sorry 'bout that.
I've been kind of busy with being an artist and graduate..
So, ain't no time to write no blogpost..
But because July has allready started, I thought it would be a great idea to write about my favourite things of the month June!

Here's a list of what gave me goosebumps/hiccups  and lots of laughter:

made with studio

1.Sushi (so much I think we could've fed Europe..) 2. Favourite summerdrink: San Pellegrino lemon (it's a really sour lemonade with bubbles) 3. Bourjois rouge velvet in the colour 'Pink pong' I don't think there will be a lot of days without this on my lips.

THE lip product of this summer

4. Falling in love with John Mayer again 5. Watching Hercules (the Disney movie) I really want to be Hades someday.. 6. Listening to Tessa Rose Jackson 7. Anna from Vivianna does make-up favouring my tweet about Pink pong 8. Macdonalds dates, just so we can hang out  9. Summer essentials from New Look
. Greek yogurt with honey 11. a lavender/babyblue-ish nailpolish from H&M 12. Zoella daily vlogs

it happened!

Long talks about the future with one of my favourite girls 14. Zara summersale 15.Coffeedate with mom 16. Watching the worldcup with friends (GO NETHERLANDS, proud dutchie over here eventhough I'm not a soccer fan) 17. Sweet little books for friends 18. glass jars 19. double sided wrappingpaper 20. Summperplans 21. The compliment I've wanted for 4 years. 22. tortellini 23. reminiscing about the last 4 years. 24. nailpolish days 25.simple jewellery. 26. the Clarins gentle eye make-up remover, my eyes feel all clean and fresh after using this. 27. being pretty in a videoclip with ma cupcake

                                                             natural beauty's

So that's it my babypinguins. Everything I loved in June!
Can't wait to tell you about July, it has been awesome so far..

Kisses on you elbows,


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