Shaken not stirred

Hello kittycats,

I thought it would be nice to share my new recipe for an AH-mazing weekend. (the best ever since I turned 20!!)

You get;
  • a handfull of lovely people, also known as friends.
  • a good envirement, I'd suggest someones home.
  • 3 buckets of Drinks
  • 4 pizza's and/ or other snacks, sliced.
  • 3 tablespoons of good subjects to talk about
  • Add half a glas of A club you can go to after the drinks and snacks
  • and of course a pinch of handsomeness added to a great DJ
Mix all these ingredients in a big bowl, with your hands. It's okay to get a little dirty.
Add some balls, a couple of drinks, some lovely but pushy winggirls/men.

And I promise that at the end of the night you will slip your phonenumber (that you've written on a piece of paper with your lipliner) into the DJ's hand while walking out of the club, after saying something that made him smile.. but made you feel lame and a loser
for not being on top of your game!

The perfect weekend cocktail!

Kisses on you elbows,


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