My final hours in teenyland

Yess birthdaypresents!! (source;

 Hello there Kittycats,

It has been a while, so I thought ; what would be a better way to spend my last hours as a teenager, then to blog??... Exactly, NOTHING!
That's right, in a couple of hours I will never ever ever ever EVER be a teenager again. TUM TUM TUUUMM..
How scary is that? From now on I will have my lunch at the verry sophisticated and wise adults-only table.
Sort of, I'm not 21 yet...
How weird is it that when I was little I could not imagine myself older then 18 or younger then 30..
everything in between was just a gap.
And now I am turning 20, I still live at home (which I LOVE, don't get me wrong..) I don't have a boyfriend, A drivers licence or a job in the entertainment industry. Way to go Romy!!

But I have achieved some things, some big things in the past 10 years.
I have turned into a strong independent woman, I have done my fair share of performances. Got out of my comfortzone and created a new one, which I am trying to get out of right now..
And made some amazing life-long friendships.
And I created my blog! Awesomeness! *big round of applause for me*

I spend my last week as a teenager with my lovely friends and amazing foods and drinks!
and of course some early self-bought birthdaypresents..
Make up brushes, a new blush.. the whole SHEBANG!

the  Real techniques powder, setting and blush brush

Sleek blush in 'Flushed'

These products are amazing, so I guess it was worth the birthday!
So off I go, into my twenty's.. wish me luck!
I'm not scared, I am excited! IN YO FACE teenage pregnancy, I still have my period!
Okay not funny.. Well I guess there's only one thing left to say; What am I going to wear tomorrow?!

 Kisses on your elbows


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