Catching the confetti

Hello there kittycats,

Happy New Year!!and welcome to 2014!
I know it is allready january the 5th, but I still wanted to say this!

I hope you all had a lovely time with your loved ones, whether you ended up throwing up in your best friends bathtub, on the boardwalk with just your socks on. Or in your own bed with a light champagne giggle and a new hairstyle (Like me).

We have survived another year, last year we nearly got through a so called apocalypse. You know with the earth exploding and stuff. And this year I just got back from a lovely sisterweekend in London!
What a difference a year makes.
This will probably sound really lame, but on new years eve I hit 100 followers on tumblr.
And also 800 pageviews on this blog, from the day I started 'till now.
That is CRAZY! I never thought people would be interested in my fantasy's about Jesse Williams > Here or ramble about fairylights like here . But you are!
Thank you so so much!!

I epicly failed last year by not even acomplishing five things of my 2013 bucketlist.. I know, it wasn't that realistic in the first place. And I don't really believe in new years resolutions right now.
So I will just continue how I ended in 2013, I discovered and did a lot and I want to discover and do a lot more in 2014! Maybe I'll take some of the bucketlist things and do them in the next couple of months!

We'll call it catching the confetti, enjoy little things in life and make them bigger then life itself!
And of course doing things that are bigger then life, to make it lifechanging!

catching the confetti

Lots of love and kisses on your elbows


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