Hello there kitty cats,

This is the first post I've written this month, I am aware of that!
So happy april, how was you're april fools? Mine was great actually, I spend the morning making music and having tea in the sun with classmates. No pranks that I was a victim of..
Okay let's just get to the point.. I am overwhelmed with how much I want to get a dog or cat or a panda, even a pengiun at this point.
And I've been tagging and have been tagged and have been watching all the video's of the (fluffy) creatures on this planet (except fluffly spiders). The one I found today basically warms my heart and makes me want to adopt all the puppies and go to nursing homes and hospitals and offices to do overload people with puppy love!
See for yourself!

The one with the kittens that I posted last year is even cuter! (If that's even possible)
Bring on monday, after watching this video I cannot wait for this week to begin!
Have a good one! I hope it will bring you lot's of sunshine and cuddles!
I just baked bananabread so my classmates are up for a good start already.

Kisses on your elbows,


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