February favourites

Hello there kitty cats,

It is the last (and extra) day of fabruary so that means it's favourites time!
I've been really bad at keeping up with my blogposts this month. I'm sorry! But since I have this week off from school, I have some extra time to (edit old) vlog(s) and write/ make content to put up here.
This month felt really long for some reason. But it was filled with lovely and amazing moments/people/places/things as per usual. So here's a little recap of the things I've loved this month.
Ladies and gent's; My fabruary favourites:

1. Amy, the amazing film/documentary about Amy Winehouse. It made me mad, sad and love her even more. 2. Chiaseedpudding with fresh mango (The perfect breakfast) 3. My birthday(dinner)
Datenight with my little sister 5. The amazing calendar I got from Meryl's mother in law 6. The urban decay settingspray 7. Finally getting my perfume again 8. Yes please by Amy Poehler (again) 9. Brookies 10. A night at the theatre with Meryl and David 11. All the cat/animal video's on facebook

Isn't this the cutest thing ever?! it was raining and the little ball of fluff just wasn't having it!

12. Date night with my best friends, all the garlic 13. Seeing our Juniors/ third year students perform, like it's rediculous how talented they all are 14. Cooking for at least 30 people and actually nailing it 15. Walking up and down the streets multiple times to get enough beer to "feed" an entire village 16. All the dancing 17. My valentinesdate which included a cat as the host 18. Going to work and not feeling hungover after a rediculous amount of beer and only 4 hours of sleep 19. The improv. day with the sophomores. 20. fresh flowers 21. Meat, fries, gingerale and cheesecake with the Zwerries. We sure know how to have a datenight. 22. Lily Melroses' youtube channel. She's an absolute babe and an editing goddess. 

So that's all for this months favourites!
I hope you had a lovely month and are as excited about March as I am, because we all know what march means; SPRING!!! *happy tears and all the sun- worshipping dancemoves*

Kisses on your elbows,


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