Another tiara

Hello there kittycats,

So this thing just happened, we're halfway through June allready!?!
Wow, someone slow things down a bit, I'm not ready for July yet!
Just to calm myself down, I wanted to share the second P.O.T.I.T post, in case you don't know what it is:
It's basically me praising and talking about my friends/people I think have that Disney (princess) magic.
You will find the first post of this serie here..

So let me tell you something about Rik. (pronounced: Rick)
He is one of my closest/best friends and an amazing person. Just like Merel, who chose Rik to be the next victim. muahaha
This blogpost was written in collaboration with Merel.. 


We all met four years ago in our freshman year at the Dutch academy of performing arts (I spot a theme here..)
And have been friends, good friends, best friends ever since.
I don't know what it is, but Rik has some sort of vibe or energy around him that makes him so interesting as a person. Very calm and easy-going but deffinetly not a wuss!
You're either so impressed that it's intimidating or you fall in love with his personality.
The last thing happened to me.

The first day we met he was just a 16 year old boy, a little bit shy but really nice.. Both Merel and our friend Nathalie had a stronger connection with him at first. But it didn't take me that much longer, before I also made room in my heart for this wonderful human being.

yehess, chubby freshman faces!

His Disney (princess) magic lies within his calm and genuine personality. But also his humbleness, but at the same time awareness of his talent a personality without being cocky or rude.
And that is something I admire and would really like to add to my own list of quality's.
This may sound cliche, but he is just  geniunely such a nice, good person!
There aren't that many people with such a good heart (If you haven't met any yet, that's probably because I kidnapped them all and called them my friends : ) )

this.. I can't they weren't posing!!!!

A big no-bullshit policy combined with the great talent of always trying to make you better. (For us) as an
artist but in some ways also as a person. It's always for the greater good and writing this down makes my heart all warm and wobbly. I feel so honoured to be his friend and being able to have shared these past four years with him.

Rik you are going to be great.. better then you could ever imagine, I just feel it, I know it!

Kisses on your elbows,

Merel (& Romy)

p.s. who's next??

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